This is where you’d find pertinent playoff information such as brackets, dates,  and posts pertaining to the DKC Playoffs.

Playoff Format

The playoffs will be a ‘One Post, One Rebuttal’ format. Meaning that when teams are matched up, each team owner will have the option of writing an initial post summarizing their team and the perceived advantages they have in the matchup. The initial posts will be made available for all to read at the same time, and then each owner will have the right to write a ‘rebuttal’ to their opponents initial post.

It falls in line with what the DKC is. Competitive, but laid back. We want to be able to present competition, but we want to make sure everyone can stay chill enough about it. The post and the rebuttal format allows both owner’s to make their points (if they want), but it takes out the back and forth.

Playoff Dates:

It’s beginning to look a lot like the playoffs……everywhere you go.

Yes friends, the DKC playoffs is amongst us! Can I get a ‘HECK YA!’? *Crickets chrip* We figured it’d be a good time to remind everyone of the DKC Playoff Format and Timeline.

As a reminder, the only time you can directly comment on your matchup is through the post/rebuttal format and by using one of three time out cards (full detils on timeout cards can be found here:

A reccomendation on the posts, and rebuttals: Keep them informative, but interesting.

Most GM’s have made up their minds about how to vote (and really, that’s fair). Your job is to either reinforce their opinions, or present a strategy or bit of information that they could’ve possibly missed. Keep things concise, or you’ll lose people. If you’re on your 5,000th word on how good of a post player Kenneth Faried is, people are probably going to miss whatever else you’re trying to say because they’ve gone on to watching this Vine of a Dog getting sugar snacks poured on him ( )

All posts, rebuttals, and timeouts will be placed in a separate thread specifically made for each matchup, as well on the DKC website. All other commentary will be in the general forums (we’re going to start this way, if it ends up being convoluted we can move discussions to separate threads).

The schedule is as follows: 

Round 1 EAST Matchups   
1 IND V 8 DET   Opening remarks due on: 4/21/2014
2 MIA V 7 ORL   Opening remarks due on: 4/22/2014
3 CLE V 6 BOS   Opening remarks due on: 4/23/2014
4 TOR V 5 CHI   Opening remarks due on: 4/24/2014

Round 1 WEST Matchups   
1 OKC V 8 MEM   Opening remarks due on: 4/21/2014
2 LAC V 7 DEN   Opening remarks due on: 4/22/2014
3 SAS V 6 HOU   Opening remarks due on: 4/23/2014
4 POR V 5 GSW   Opening remarks due on: 4/24/2014

There’s been a lot of talk about the goal of these playoffs. We’d like to stress that the absolute most important one is for everyone to have a fun time. That’s why we mentioned strictness about tone in the timeout card, this should absolutely be an incredibly enjoyable experience for all. Stay positive. Keep things light. Let’s do this.  


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