Rules & Regs


Welcome to the DKC, nerd.

The DKC is our best attempt to recreate the experience of being an NBA GM. We oblige to many of the rules and general annoyances of an everyday GM (such as; the CBA, recruiting free agents, drafting a team, etc.), but we do it from our homes and offices.

Sound overwhelming? Well, keep this in mind: The original idea behind the DKC was to create a ficticous league, where you could ‘run a team’ without having to give up too much of their day.

And to help, we’re doing our best to come up with a confined list of rules that makes it easier on the user to reference. This won’t be perfect, nor anywhere approaching it. But it’ll be improved from the forums; where you could find a general idea of how the league ran on page one, and then you could sift through like 600 pages to figure out what in the heck the ‘Millsap Rule’ is.

Below we’ll list some of the bare bones topics you  need to know. The headline is a clickable link that’ll take you to a more in detailed post about that subject.

Intro to Hard Cap System

The ‘Hard Cap’ System is essentially your spending limit, or allowance. Based off recent or historical spending, it’s the absolute highest amount your owner will allow you to spend on your team.

These numbers can change, and we have created a system that allows for you to appeal for an increase.

Cap Holds

Falling in line with financials, there are various Cap Holds that can effect both your salary cap as well as your hard cap. You can find all, er, nearly all of the types of cap holds and explanation in the baove link.

The Draft

More or less exactly what it sounds like. Each day we’ll have a 2 day event where we draft the upcoming class of rookies. We’ll announce dates for it in the near future, and will provide information about draft order and draft time as it becomes available.

All of that information will be centrally located in the above link.


Trades can be made between teams. That’s a relief, right? You weren’t sure if there’d still be trades in this league. Well, relax, friend. Yes, you can make trades.

For the most part, the rules for trades are the same as they are in the NBA (you can find more information in the actual ‘trades’ page).

What’s unique to the DKC experience is the presence of a DKC Insider, who leaks every trade, providing a window of time (varying on the importance of the trade, and, let’s be honest, the DKC Insider’s work schedule) to allow either team to back out for whatever reason, whether that be because another team offered a more attractive package, or just cold feet.

Free Agency

There is a ton to our free agency process. Click above to find out more.


1st Rule: Try to be a chill, bro

2nd Rule: Stay Chill


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