Welcome to the DKC


‘Thanks for visiting this site’ – Mase. Rapper / Apparent Milwaukee Brewers Fan

Hello – and welcome to your new home for hoop nerdery.

You can call us crazy, but we thought there was a need. Thought that some, if not all of you might have been getting tired of combing through 900 pages – mostly consistent of bragging, and awkwardly placed, nostalgic-heavy references –  just to get even a hint of clarity on a rule.

This site will act as a companion to the forums, or our repository of DKC related -information.  One bookmark, carefully hidden on your computer, as opposed to 13 carefully hidden ones.

Keep the discussion there, find the information here. Rules & Regs, Roster & Salary Info, Draft & Playoff Dates, and probably a little bit of extra. Also, some new stuff: Mainly hesitant dates for our playoffs (and the format), a new system that allows you to increase your hard cap salary, and the ability to easily link you to those type of things.

As in anything DKC related, this thing’s not perfect. Won’t be approaching perfect. It might be approaching mediocrity. But it’s an improvement on the existing way of doing things, and we’re doing our best to make this is as easy as possible.

Few things about the functionality of the site.

Our goal is to have you 3 clicks away from any information you’ll need. Everything is based in the 6 items that can be found in the Front Page Slide Show. The ‘Recent Posts’ listed below are just that. Recent Posts. They’re not there because they’re important, they’re new. That’ll be helpful eventually, but right now, they appear because that’s when we got around to building that part out.

If you’re viewing the site from a computer, you’ll notice on every team page there is a sidebar to the right that lists every team. This should allow you to be able to navigate teams quickly. Unfortunately, on the mobile side, that bar appears at the very bottom of the page. It’s a bug, we’re going to fix it with something more convenient eventually.

Speaking of the mobile side, once you deviate from the home page you’ll notice that a ‘main menu’ button appears on each page. If you click on that, you’ll get an expanded list of the 6 items in the ‘slide show’ to let you navigate between things.

Finally, a request: Try to be nice about bugs and kinks. There’s going to be a TON. This site’s been built by a bunch of guys who have no to limited site design experience. We’re doing our best, and putting in a bunch of time to learning; but all the time & effort in the world’s not going to offset the complete lack of experience.

Just shoot us a message, and we’ll do our best to fix it. If you have a suggestion, don’t be a jerk about it – don’t do the old ‘I find it funny that this is here, but not that’  thing. Just shoot us your idea.

And now, since this is our site: Something completely different


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