Time Outs



Hey Guys,

Over the past few months we’ve been figuring out how to best approach the playoffs, and with everyone’s feedback over the last few days, good and bad, we feel like we’ve taken the original ideas we had an refined them to be more in line with your expectations, while also preserving the vision we had for the post-season.


Three times a matchup a GM may politely interject with a 200 word or less post about his or her own matchup in the General Commentary thread. It can be a clarification, an interjection, heck, if you want to talk about the episode of ‘Fresh Prince’ when Will & Carlton get a little too deep into the world of pool sharks go for it. It’s YOUR card. You can even speak about your opponent’s team and/or strategy, you just need to make sure you’re being a good lad about it.

While the Post and Rebuttal will still be the main focus of a GM’s argument, the Timeouts will allow an owner to defend their team and/or steer the matchup discussion in a different direction.

As always, our goal is to provide the best experience to you guys possible. To do that, we’re going to closely monitor the tone of the playoffs. Do not attack your opponent personally, don’t make snarky comments. Stay Chill.


We will send each participant 1 private warning via PM when it comes to questionable conduct, a second will result in the GM losing his ability to use ‘timeouts’ going forward. An additional infraction through post and rebuttal will result in disqualification from playoffs (Technicals will be accumulative throughout the playoffs, not per matchup). We’re going to be strict. Like, “don’t touch the ball after it goes through the hoop in the preseason” strict.

The biggest thing we’ll be looking for are comments that either overtly or passive-aggressively go after GMs, even partially. Here’s some non-exhaustive examples of things we’re not going to tolerate:

IP means well, but he is prone to deceiving even himself about his teams’ strengths. Portland has been atrocious all year defensively, and replacing the real Blazers’ strongest defender (Lopez) with a weak defender at the 5 (Monroe) will do nothing but further stress an already porous defense

Why is this wrong? Because it attacks IP, discrediting him.

Can we all just stop pretending that Omer Asik is anything but a lockerroom cancer if he isn’t starting? And, last I checked, he isn’t starting. So we can stop pretending he’s at optimal production

Why is this wrong? Tone. This is a lighter infraction than the one above, but depending on context, it could get a T.

So Victor Oladipo is supposed to be able to guard Tony Parker? Everyone believes that? Call me old fashioned, but if you’re gonna **** me, I prefer you buy me dinner first.

This is a more clear example of tone. People who disagree with you aren’t stupid or morally bankrupt. They’re not out to get you. This is a clear infraction, a guaranteed Tech, and potentially worse.

Please understand that all that above isn’t meant to be overlordish or negative. It’s just to say that we really, really, really want this to be a super-fun experience for everybody. Everyone’s spent countless hours on their team, you deserve the right to present your case and defend your team. But let’s do that and stay chill, homeboys. At the end, our goal is for you to say to yourself “Good Gracious, this DKC is bodacious.”

A Refresher:

  • 3 Timeouts a series
  • Timeouts are 200 words or less posts
  • 1 Conduct issue is 1 warning via PM, 2nd takes away all your timeouts. 3rd infraction is elimination from the playoffs.

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